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Imagine a personal-shopper tool that helps you find what you are looking for. A way to have your bling on budget….a chance for everybody to dip into luxury. Connecting design obsessed shoppers and sellers, so users can buy, sell …. With the click of a mouse.

Innovative earnings


Did you know that your cupboard or store room can be the first place in your house to look for extra money?

Take a peep into your overflowing wardrobe and sift through the stacks of clothes. Notice that dress you bought 2 years ago, the one you promised to fit into in a month? And what about that designer dress you bought for your cousin’s wedding, which has worked its way to the end of your cupboard because you can’t be seen wearing it again? 

The 3 Rs - Recycle, reuse, reduce

 We love resale because it is a responsible, budget friendly way to get your fashion and lifestyle fix. We know that shopping second hand helps the world in a small way and we are proud to be a part of that. Being a conscious consumer matters. It matters to you and it matter to us. We want to leave the planet sustainable for the next generation – saving water, recycling and reusing items and reducing landfills and waste. 

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