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As consumers (and/or company decision-makers), it’s important to consider how our purchases impact the environment and what eco-friendly alternatives are available to us. Understanding the conditions in which products are manufactured might make you think twice the next time you’re deciding between a few options. Being informed about the changes happening to the environment as well as what we can do to help can effectively slow down or stop the effects of climate change.   


Why cloth shopping bags?

Cotton cloth bags are the best choice as these reusable bags last for 3-5 years and beyond. 

Most bags in supermarkets and shops today are made of 100% non-woven polypropylene which is recyclable but is not biodegradable. 

All bags from Desiswags are eco-friendly and are made of 100 percent natural materials. Browse our products and experience a new era for eco-friendly online shopping.


The 3 Rs - Recycle, reuse, reduce

Cloth bags have become a popular alternative to plastic and paper shopping bags, in part because cloth bags do not cause the environmental harm of plastic bags. However, cloth bags are not only for the eco-friendly consumer. 

Unlike the free bagging alternatives, cloth bags usually come with a nominal price tag, but the advantages of reusing cloth bags outweigh this small cost. We use our online shopping platform to ensure that you receive the best deal in the market.

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